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You Look Familiar.  Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?

Talk to just about anyone these days and you’ll quickly discover that
they have recently viewed some kind of video on YouTube, Facebook or
some other form of social media.  With videos becoming more and more
popular, is this medium still primarily just for entertainment
purposes or is it possible that this is a stealth, not so underground
movement that will quickly be as popular as that crazy invention from
so long ago…the email?

Statistics show that promoting, informing or advertising your business
or services via video marketing is not only fast growing but it wields
a mighty punch.  ComScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital
world, released data last month that in September, 175 million viewers
in the U.S watched online video for a total of 5.2 million viewing
sessions.  These are the kind of numbers that everyone should be
paying attention to, not just corporate accountants.  In the on-going
blitz of taking businesses online, video marketing can be one of the
most effective, yet inexpensive ways to get your company noticed.  You
do have to get in front of a camera though and that’s not always
comfortable for everyone.  Fortunately, there are services to meet the
new online advertising needs.  Notes Brie Wolf, founder and President
of YOUnited TV,  “Many people see the importance of video marketing
but aren’t interested or comfortable being in front of a camera.
YOUnited TV provides a correspondent on location so we are in the
client’s environment. Having an interview style video is an excellent
way for a business to convey what they provide and why they have a
passion for it.  This interview format is more credible for the
viewers as well!"

Although there are many reasons why video marketing is popular and
becoming more so, in this two part article, we will share the top six
reasons why this is an advertising and promotional game you can’t
afford to not play. This month, we’ll go over the first three.

1)      Videos make your clients feel as if you are “there” personally and
that’s the next best thing to actually being with them.  Gone are the
days where sales and marketing is one hundred percent about in person
networking.  The business world has gone global and you’d better too.
These days, people want to know who you are, what you stand for and
what it would be like to work with you and there is no better way to
capture this than on video.  Video picks up all the nuances of you
that can’t come across in any way other than interacting with you face
to face.  That’s the good news.  (That can also be the bad news but
we’ll address that in a future article).  On video, your personality
comes across, your energy is picked up and your brand can become very
clear to anyone who is watching.  Clients are able to get a sense of
how they would “click” with you which is important when developing
long-standing business relationships.  When people feel they identify
with you, brand loyalty tends to increase dramatically.  Really, we
are all learning how and why professional television and movie
personalities can create such a loyal following.  It’s now possible
for anyone to be a “movie” star!

2)      Everyone else is doing it.  You may think your competitors aren’t
the type to put themselves out there on video but you’d be surprised.
Even if they aren’t doing video marketing now, they shortly will be!
This is not the time to ask yourself if everyone were jumping off a
cliff, would you do it.  If you don’t answer with a resounding, “YES”,
get ready to leave business on the table; or the cliff as the case may

3)      Get them here, get them there, get them everywhere!  As unthinkable
as it may still seem, it’s very possible to have a thriving global
business from the comfort of your own home or office!  What can start
out as a simple video talking about what your business has to offer
can quickly turn into a cult like, worldwide following.  Things are
spread virally very quickly today and some viewer in your hometown who
likes what they see can quickly create fans on a different continent.
Fast, cheap and easy are the new credos in business today and video
marketing provides all of that.

To find out what the other top three reasons are to invest in video
marketing, join us for next month’s article.  In the meantime, get out
there and start shooting!

Copyright  2010 by Jane Garee/Write Expressions Inc

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