“Thank you to Brie and her crew for covering our fundraising Gala for the American Cancer Society in Broward County the second year in a row! Her professionalism, poise and collaboration with staff has without a doubt elevated the Return on Investment for our stakeholders, donors and sponsors.  We appreciate her willingness to follow our script and improvise when needed.  Thank you so much for capturing our event to revisit time and time again!” - Alicia DeLuca, Development Manager, American Cancer Society, Inc.

"I had the privilege of working with Brie Mazin on creating a video for my business; Integrative Hypnotherapy. Brie is a true professional. She is a skilled interviewer and she manages to make the entire process seem natural and easy. Her crew is very knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. The results were simply beyond my expectations. I cannot recommend Brie and YOUnited TV enough. I plan to use them again very soon for a large event I am a part of." - Shirly Gilad, Owner Integrative Hypnotherapy

"Thank you for such an amazing and professional job! Your team is so talented and you are by far a superstar and natural at what you do and your passion exudes through your radiant smile and work. Thank you for capturing an amazing interview! Phenomenal work YOUnited TV and Brie Mazin. Cheers!" - Avishan Joseph, Illustrated Properties Delray Beach, FL

"Brie, Thank you again for everything. I am very happy with the outcome of the video. Can't thank you enough for the professionalism, hard work, and ease that you provided to all of us during the shoot. You've definitely found your calling." - Dr. Frank Maye, Maye Pediatric Dentistry and Associates Boca Raton, FL

"We knew we needed to hire someone to help us get the word out about our Moms On A Mission Program. My husband used Brie for his gym and when we began our business we knew we needed YOUnited TV. YOUnited TV is great way to create a promotional video with very professional crew. Brie does a great job of pulling apart the program and getting you to portray your business for what it really is. It's truly an amazing experience and has helped TREMENDOUSLY with the promotion of our company. LOVE THESE GUYS!" Pamela Waddick - Co Founder of Moms On A Mission Boca Raton, FL

"YOUnited TV is an amazing marketing tool! The crew truly worked to understand my mission and the type of clientele my business is working to serve. Their excellent communication before my filming date allowed us to customize the video, while also implementing innovative concepts. I felt completely comfortable during filming as the crew was professional, efficient and personable. I have gotten extremely positive feedback from my client base on my YOUnited video and definitely look forward to working with them again!" Michelle Brown - Founder of ihelpmoms.com Coral Springs, FL

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"You are such the consummate professional and a doll to work with. Looking forward to working with you again!!" Suzanne Hayward - The Buzz Agency Boca Raton, FL

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"I LOVE IT! You have a team that does such a stupendous job! WOW! THANKS so much BRIE! THRILLED about the video! You definitely captured the essence of what I do!"- Juli Kagan, RDH, M.Ed. 
Author, Speaker, Educator Boca Raton, FL 

"Brie, you are just FABULOUS and whatever you touch turns to gold. I'm looking forward to launching our YOUnited TV video segment and beyond. We at Blue Sky feel that Brie is the sunshine in our Sky. Sincerely True," G.J.Cataudella - BlueSky Precious Metals, MGRM Parkland, FL

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"The videos you did are just amazing.  Really great job!  You captured everything and packaged beautifully.  We are so thrilled with your work!" Elizabeth Kelley Grace - The Buzz Agency Boca Raton, FL

"I knew immediately that the YOUnited TV team is a talented and resourceful group, and possessed leadership qualities. I see you accomplishing an array of impressive projects." Ken Trachy- Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency, University of Miami Organ Procurement Organization Miami, FL

"Brie I’m enjoying perusing your facebook; you make an incredible model and producer.  How very accomplished and exciting. Continued grand success! Looking forward," Pamela Stark Thomas, GStar Palm Beach, FL

"Brie, I'm so amazed by your drive, desire, and dedication. You are truly an inspiration to women everywhere that you get to have your dreams come true at any moment in life if you just believe! Thank you." KC Neill, actress and Director of empowerment workshops- Kiki De Montparnasse New York, NY

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"I've worked with a wide range of people in this industry and can say for sure that Brie is one of a kind. Her organization, determination, and over-all professionalism speak for themselves... but what really sets Brie apart is her incredible personality on and off the set.
She simply knows how to stay positive and maintain high energy, which is an irreplaceable strength in a business that demands so much of people." Michael Claeys producer-digital journalist at NBC Universal New York, NY

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 "What a great channel for businesses to tell their story and promote their brands. Brie truly brings the personality of each and every business to life helping companies share their unique message with target customers in an authentic and engaging way. Move over Oprah...the "Wolf" is on the prowl and coming to a business near you...!!!" John Galvin, Principal, Integrate Inc. Columbus, OH


"Dear Brie, what a lovely event and I thank you so so much. Congratulations, you are a real star in our crown." Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, founding chair of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and a World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador for Cancer Control, South FL/DC

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After receiving his video commercial segments) "It's Killer. It's glorious. Me likey. I like it a lot Brie...VERY cool." Robert J. Lunte, Founder of The Vocalist Studio, The Modern Vocalist.com & TC-Helicon Voice Council, Seattle, WA


"Tinker Bella Brie! I swear all you were missing was the little wand and the wings. Sooo cute!! Thanks so much. I LOVE my interview!!  You are really a natural." Wynne Wharff, Actor/Model, BEVERLY HILLS, CA


 "Brie, you are a true inspiration to many." Doron Jaget- Director of Technology Strategy, Slomins Inc. Long Island, NY



"YOUnited TV is the perfect way to share your passion. As a former editor combined with years of working with CBS and being on camera, I can genuinely say, the end result came out superb!" DJ Martial, International DJ

"In life we are on a constant journey looking for a career, a relationship, business opportunity and a million other things that make sense to us and then a defining moment hits us and it all starts to fit together. Brie has definitely had a defining moment!  I recently had Brie produce a video for our company and it was the most professional and exciting day I have had in a while, the finished product was of the highest quality. I am excited to have a new relationship that will create a video library of things to come with our companies and share them with all to see. YOUnited TV is  revolutionizing the way online video marketing and online networking become a new industry in its own."  Brian Weber- CEO Bebida Beverages & President Potencia USA, Mooresville, NC


 "Brie Wolf is one great television personality.  She is meant to be in front of the camera.  Her energy and perkiness are her strong points.  During a shoot, her professionalism shines at the same time that her heart reaches to others in her television interviews.  She is a delight to work with on the shoot and in the edit room.  You need to hire her!" Bruce  Wittman- Executive Producer, Eagle Video Productions Inc. Raleigh, NC


"I just want to say thank you Brie, for making Grace's Marketplace part of your YOUnited team. My family and i are so happy with the way you marketed our greenvale store. You are sweet, beautiful and truly a professional! With much success for you and all the members of the YOUnited Team! Warmest Regards, Pina Soares." Grace's Marketplace, New York City and Long Island, NY


"After my fashion show, I was beyond eager to start receiving photos and footage. YOUnited TV was the first video i received, and I was able to view the final video within a week! I couldn't believe how quickly it was completed and how great it looked. It was just really exciting to see things from the show that I normally wouldn't have seen. I was cooped up backstage and Brie Wolf was able to capture things that i didn't even know happened! I'm beyond appreciative of the work that Brie and YOUnitedTV did!! Thanks!"Orly Couture- CEO, New York, New York

"I just want to drop you a note to say how professional your company is.  When we did the initial video shoot at the Long Island Sports Complex, your energy and excitement was evident in the final results of the video. When Dan came by for the second shoot, I could see why he is your artistic director. We had people calling us before the video was even up because of your networking. I think our YOUnited TVvideo will become an integral part of our marketing campaign and can't wait to be YOUnited with other successful business's around the USA. Warmest regards, Steve Diamond" President- Long Island Sports Complex, Freeport, NY

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"I’ve known Mrs. Wolf for nearly a decade and have consistently been impressed with her dedication to fulfilling commitments in her professional life. This concept is exactly what small and midsize businesses need to expose their products to their respective markets. An investment in Mrs. Wolf will no doubt return dividends."  Luke Taylor Brown- Director, Investor Analytics- NASDAQ OMX Stock Market, New York, NY

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"Brie and her team are truly innovative in their creative approach delivering a product of tremendous value. Her energy and presence combined with the YOUnited team's expertise in capturing the companies they interview make for a winning combination. Brie made the process simple to execute, and perhaps more importantly, painless to produce." Glen Boehmer Owner- Sentinel Printing Company, Hempstead, NY

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"YOUnited TV is exactly what the United States needs…un-i-ty. What a brilliant concept.I typically am behind the scenes in my profession although I truly enjoyed being in front of the camera sharing what I do with YOUnited TV. With Brie's endless encounters, my calendar's nearly full!" Samantha Goldstein- CEO-Make-up Hair Fashion, New York, NY

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"This is by far the best exposure opportunity for any business and very personal. A big, bang for your buck." Larry Sragow- Director of Sponsorship, Live Nation, Westbury, NY "YOUnited TV will make an enormous positive impact on our economy. Wolf was and always will be empowering she's up there with Obama, Winfrey and Ripa." Scott Hertz- Owner Hertz Jewelers, Coral Springs, FL

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"Mrs. Wolf has created an invaluable tool that is the most affordable way to grow your business or promote your event.” Leon Rawitz, President-Rawitz Marketing Group, Raleigh, NC

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