How it Works

How it Works 
YOUnited TV works around your schedule, shooting when and where you want. We partner with you from pre-production to distribution to ensure a smooth process and outstanding results.

Phase 1: Pre-Production
Marketing consultation and development of key messages/topics/branding
Shoot date and time schedule
Announcement of shoot (via, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) 

Phase 2: Production
Host and videographer deployed
Interviews with principals and/or staff
Video testimonials from customers
Shooting of all additional footage

Phase 3: Post Production
Editing of raw footage into a first cut
Logo, titles, effects and music added
Draft video sent for comments
Final revisions
Video encoding for optimal compatibility across websites

Phase 4: Distribution
Embed code sent
Video uploaded to prominent video-sharing networks including and Youtube
Video distributed across social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
DVD copy sent

EVERYTHING is shot in High Definition